Top 5 Bankruptcy Monitoring Questions Answered

Many people working with bankruptcies have a routine for gathering critical information each week. They manually wade through piles of dockets and claims registers reviewing for critical events. Manually reviewing this data drains time, productivity, and valuable resources as missing a filing date, change in status or a case reopening is costly.

Nobody enjoys this tedious work and thankfully we live in the age of technology. The benefit of automation removes the manual and tedious work allowing reallocation of employees' valuable time.

I spend hours each week analyzing bankruptcy information. Is there a way to eliminate this from my to-do list?

Yes! Automation. Automating bankruptcy monitoring eliminates errors while increasing efficiency, accuracy, and response.

AACER bankruptcy monitoring services is the tool that automates bankruptcy monitoring. It tracks and delivers concise reports on both dockets and claims registers. Clients using the bankruptcy monitoring services automatically know the status of their bankruptcy events within each case.

Does AACER work with diverse portfolios?

Yes. AACER has the capabilities to assist with all secured and unsecured portfolio types like; Mortgages, Autos, Credit Cards, Student Loans, Commercial Loans, Utilities and more.

Is new software or equipment required?

No. All AACER’s platforms and services are SaaS (Software as a Service) based products requiring only the use of internet access and no additional equipment required.

What exactly does AACER bankruptcy monitoring services do?

AACER bankruptcy monitoring services provides automation for:

- Docket Monitoring identifies throughout the bankruptcy lifecycle new document filings, amended filings or any changes within the docket.

- Claims Register Monitoring identifies new claims and critical claim events, including Payment Change Notices, Post-Petition Fees, Expenses, Charges, and Response to Notice of Final Cures

- Disposition Monitoring identifies and returns key disposition dates for both debtors and joint debtors.


How hard are AACER bankruptcy monitoring services to use?


Pssh! Not hard AT ALL! The AACER bankruptcy monitoring services are the easiest SaaS based platform to use due to its intuitive user interface. It is designed for configurability to accommodate each clients’ unique workflows. AACER has a 92% customer satisfaction score, the highest customer success rating in the industry. Our team is on call and ready to assist with unprecedented support, bankruptcy knowledge and training.

Would you like to learn more about how we partner with our clients, receive a quote, or learn more about how AACER monitoring services improves bankruptcy outcomes?


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