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From the Show Floor at the 2022 MBA Conference and Expo

The Epiq AACER Bankruptcy Team traveled to Orlando, Florida, for the annual Mortgage  Bankers Association (MBA) Conference and Expo a couple weeks ago. In addition to abundant sunshine, several experts spoke on panels about the challenges of navigating the post-pandemic industry, compliance, and where the overall bankruptcy market is heading.    

Getting Back in the In-Person Groove 

Many attendees commented how good it felt to be back at a conference in-person. How great it felt to shake hands, learn, and meet face-to-face instead of a Zoom call, which has become far too familiar. Long-time business associates embraced. Everywhere you looked, there were plenty of smiles to go around.   

A Focus on Innovation and Technology 

The conference covered a lot of ground, with advances in technology and automation stealing the show. Technology is vital to mortgage servicing, prompting every servicer and bank to consistently seek out the best options. Conference vendors did not disappoint, rolling out several solutions, with the most notable highlighting the role automation plays in assisting banks and servicers with production, simplification, and compliance.  

 Epiq Bankruptcy Premiered its new Analytics solution 

Epiq Bankruptcy created some of our own conference buzz with the announcement of our new solution, Epiq Bankruptcy Analytics. Hundreds of attendees stopped by to see it in action after hearing about it from one of their colleagues at the show.  They learned how it can analyze new, currently open and historical filing volumes. They investigated disposition rates and durations. They saw how the bankruptcy information can be sliced and diced by states, courts, chapters, capita and much more, all at their fingertips. Lastly, they were pleasantly surprised it updates daily so trends can be spotted much quicker than with the monthly spreadsheets they are using today. 


Bankruptcy is our expertise; customer service is our passion. If you’re interested in learning how you might leverage bankruptcy data, technology, and services to help scale operations, reduce risk and improve outcomes, contact us anytime. 


About Epiq Bankruptcy   

Epiq Bankruptcy is the largest provider of U.S. bankruptcy court data, technology and services, and a trusted partner to lenders, servicers, trustees, attorneys, investors, and other stakeholders operating in the business of bankruptcy. Epiq Bankruptcy solutions include comprehensive corporate restructuring, trustee case management, and access to the industry’s most dynamic bankruptcy data and analytics. Learn more at https://bankruptcy.epiqglobal.com/.   


About Epiq   

Epiq, a global technology-enabled services leader to the legal services industry and corporations, takes on large-scale, increasingly complex tasks for corporate counsel, law firms, and business professionals with efficiency, clarity, and confidence. Clients rely on Epiq to streamline the administration of business operations, class action and mass tort, court reporting, eDiscovery, regulatory, compliance, restructuring, and bankruptcy matters. Epiq subject-matter experts and technologies create efficiency through expertise and deliver confidence to high-performing clients around the world. Learn more at https://www.epiqglobal.com.   


Press Contact   

Angela Hoidas   

Vice President, Marketing & Communications   



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